Record of Survey
Of Portions of the Mount Diablo Meridian Line
July 1983
Alameda & Contra Costa County, California

(County of Alameda, Major Project #1)

Map Title
Record of Survey
Consisting of 21 Sheets
Of Portions of the Mount Diablo Meridian Line
Township 3 South, Range 1 East and Range 1 West,
and Township 4 South, Range 1 East and Range 1 West,
Portions of which lie within the 'Rancho Santa Rita',
'Rancho El Valle De San Jose' and 'Ex-Mission San Jose'.
being within
The County of Alameda
State of California
'R/S NO. 946'
Date: July 1993
Sheet 20 of 21

Map and Survey Prepared by: Earl R. Coss, P.L.S. 3242
Cross Land Surveying, Inc., 2210 Mt. Pleasant Road, San Jose, California 95148

The Survey was performed at the request of the county of Alameda, being Major Project #1 (Portion of Mount Diablo Meridian)

Filed on the 16th day of May, 1994 in Book 18 of Record of Survey Maps at pages 17 through 37, inclusive, Alameda County Official Records, California.

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Record of Survey No. 946 (BK 18 R/S 36) (647,796 bytes)

This image shows a portion of sheet 20 of 21 of Record of Survey No. 946 which shows (as information only) the relationship of the origional Government Land Office (G.L.O.) "Mount Diablo" Initial Point to United States Coast & Geodetic Survey (U.S.C. & G.S.) Triangulation Station "Mount Diablo" as determined by analysis and field work by John W. Pettley as published in his "The Re-Discovery of the Mount Diablo Initial Point"-John W. Pettley, Journal of American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, Volume 48, NO 2, June, 1988". To see an article about Mt. Diablo by John and his 2001 Record of Survey, follow these links (hit the "back" key to return to this page):
The Mt. Diablo Meridian Initial Point, Its History and Use
Record of Survey No 2582, Contra Costa, CA

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