Sesquicentennial Celebration
The Establishment of the Mount Diablo Initial Point

The Sesquicentennial Celebration on the summit of Mount Diablo on July 21, 2001 was tremendously successful, thanks to the efforts of so many people who helped put it together and for the generosity of contributors and the participation of the exhibitors. Special thanks to the Mount Diablo State Park Service for their assistance.

Mt. Diablo: Surveys & Celebrations - June 1 to July 28, 2001 Museum of the San Ramon Valley, Danville, CA click here.
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Earl and Gara Cross
California Surveying and Drafting Supply, Inc.
Subsurface Instruments, Inc.
The Museum of the San Ramon Valley
Mr. and Mrs. David Carey
San Joaquin Valley Chapter of California Land Surveyors Association
Kier and Wright-Pleasanton
Granite Construction
Dahls Equipment Rentals
Bob Loves Signs
Crain Enterprises
Douglas & Gwendolyn Potts
Airborne 1 Corporation
Bureau of Land Management, California - Cadastral Section
Bruce Hedquist
Robert Nielson
Paul Saffo
Roger A. Grimsley
Professional Surveyor Magazine
Roger A. Grimsley

Topcon California
Haselbach Surveying Instruments
United States Geological Survey
Mount Diablo Interpretive Association
National Geodetic Survey
Bay Area Orienteering Group
Bureau of Land Management, California - Cadastral Section
Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society
The Museum of the San Ramon Valley

Sesquicentennial Celebration Committee:
Paul Lamoureaux, Chairman
Michael Foley
Peter Friedman
John W. Pettley

The Mount Diablo Initial Point is the intersection of the Mount Diablo Meridian, a true north/south meridian line, and Base, a true east/west baseline that is the basis for these property boundaries. This point, which was established on July 18th 1851, by Col. Leander Ransom, General Land Office Deputy Surveyor and crew, began the transfer of U.S. Public Lands in the new State into private ownership. For more information about the history of the Mount Diablo Initial Point, click here.

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