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Admission Day 2000 Logo

Admission Day 2000 Festival

Part of the

California Statehood Sesquicentennial
Celebrating 150 years of California History

September 9, 1850 - September 9, 2000

Event sponsered by the

California State Parks; Native Sons of the Golden West and the United States Postal Service

Capital Mall, Sacramento, CA

September 8-10, 2000


California State Parks, the Native Sons of the Golden West and the United States Postal Service would like to thank everyone for attending and/or participating in this special event "Celebrating California - Admission Day 2000" a historic and memorable event. Attendance at this celebration commemorating California's 150th year of statehood exceeded all expectation. Officials estimate over 100,000 visitors attended the three-day event.

California's rich heritage came to life through exhibits, demonstrations, dance, music, presentations, and theatrical reenactments. This was the largest and highest quality living history event ever held in California.

While Celebrating California recognized California's past, this event was also history in the making. When future generations recall the festival that recognized California's 150th year of statehood, they will find archives and documentation of Celebrating California, its activities, participation, and support. Once again, thank you for your attendance and contributions.


                                                                       Rusty Areias
                                                                       State of California,
                                                                       Department of Parks and Recreation

To learn more about the sponser of this event visit their web page: California State Parks:


Celebrating California - Admissions Day 2000

By: Michael Foley

The Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society exhibit at this event included antique surveying instruments, artifacts, calculating devices, drafting tool, measuring devices, maps, photographs showcasing instruments, tools and equipment used during the first 100-years of California Statehood. The display consisted of several tables and several free standing display cases and several tabletop display cases and many instruments on tripods. (full list)

Our booth was right behind the sidewalk on one of the closed streets but we had front row seats to watch the U.S. Calvary re-enactors ride by on horseback pulling cannons at high speed. Quite a spectacle indeed!

Friday's event was primarily school children. Saturday and Sunday were more general public. The event ran all day each day, making for long shifts for the volunteers. As this three-day event was out in the open, security of the display was an issue. The event sponsors provided security but it was up to MDSHS to secure its own display. Fortunately we had a volunteer to sleep at the display. Duncan Marshall did the honors. The weather was mild and the canopy had walls that were able to attach making for quite a cozy little space for Duncan to spread his sleeping bag on the grass. Several other display groups also provided their own security so Duncan had some company as he desired.

MDSHS provided ten "official" volunteers with many working all three days of the event. There were over 1,000 participants involved in this event. A Hospitality Tent was provided for volunteers to sit, relax and take a break with refreshments provided. Each "official" volunteer received a personalized thank you letter from the event Director thanking him or her for his or her service.

The U.S. Postal Service issued a speical event stamp and offered commemorative "First Day Issue" postmark service.


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Photo #1 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_0.jpg
Joddie Heavner, Bud Uzes and Peter Friedmann
at the MDSHS booth.
Photo #2 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_1.jpg
Joddie, Bud and Peter, Earl Cross
in the background adjust an instrument.
Photo #3 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_7.jpg
Mark Twain
adds color to the event.
Photo #4 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_11.jpg
Native Sons of Golden West
exhibit, 1850's horse drawn hearse.
Photo #5 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_8.jpg
1874 Clapp & Jones Steamer
Woodland's first fire engine
Photo #6 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_9.jpg
Ladder truck
Photo #7 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_4.jpg
Want to purchase some land?
Photo #8 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_5.jpg
Gamblers Saloon tent
Step right up and spend your money!
Photo #9 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_3.jpg
With U.S. Calvary encampment nearby.
Photo #10 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_10.jpg
..and on patrol.
Photo #11 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_2.jpg
The calvary was present to keep peace and order.
Photo #12 - Admission_Day_Sac_2000_2.jpg
Commemorative U.S Postal Stamp was issued. Read about it here.


The Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society wish to thank Rusty Areias, Director of the California Department of Parks & Recreation for inviting us to this event.

The MDSHS display committee Chairman for this event was Joddie Heavener. MDSHS display committe members that served at this event were; Duncan Marshall, Earl Cross, Gara Cross, Hal Davis, Hans Haselbach, Michael Foley, Peter Friedmann, Paul Lamoreaux, Gwen Gee and Francois "Bud" Uzes. Other MDSHS members that assisted were: Keith Nofield, Bryan Klym and Myles Pustejousky.

Photographs by Michael J. Foley, ©2000 MDSHS. All rights reserved.

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