The Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society

Kiwanis Danville July 4th Parade

Kiwanis Club of the San Ramon Valley

Danville, CA

July 4th, 2001

In support of the 2001 Sesquicentennial of the establishment of the Mount Diablo Initial Point by United States General Land Office Deputy Surveyor, Colonel Leander Ransom on July 18, 1851, your Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society members; Michael J. Foley, Duncan Marshall and Bruce Hedquist marched in the 2001 4th of July parade in Danville, CA.

Technically MDSHS was marching in the parade as an entry of the Museum of the San Ramon Valley. The Museum and the Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society were hosting a companion display to the Sesquicentennial entitled "Mount Diablo: Surveys & Celebrations", which ran June 1 to July 28, 2001 at the museum, also located in Danville.

The Museum had arranged to have a local Cub Scout pack to march in front of Michael, Duncan and Bruce carrying both a banner announcing the July 21, 2001 Sesquicentennial event as well as our society’s banner.

When trying to come up with a theme of demonstrating surveying for the parade and the requirement to actually walk the parade route (there was no time to obtain a float platform), the group decided to demonstrate running differential levels. It was thought that the “flow” of running levels would fit with the pace of marching in the parade.

Michael served as the level operator and note keeper with Duncan running the level rod. Bruce held one end of a cloth tape to pretend to measure from the level to the rod.

All went well till the parade stretched out a bit. In an effort to try to keep up with the entry in front, the Cub Scouts went well ahead of Michael, Duncan and Bruce. Boy a flatbed truck would have been nice! (Next year?)

Never the less our intrepid group kept their own pace and continued along the route (1.1 miles including the staging starting point) receiving many shout-outs and cheers from local residents who recognized our surveyor docents from the museum display. A very warm welcome was expressed at the official receiving stand and Michael was the recipient of a friendly greeting from his surprised neighbor sitting along the parade route!

At the end of the 1.1-mile walk the parade was over for our group and the long walk back to the staging area at the museum began. To their surprise our surveyors received yet more shout-outs from those still watching the end of the parade.

The Kiwanis Club of the San Ramon Valley has sponsored this wildly popular civic event since 1975 as a fundraiser for local charities. Each year, thousands (over 30,000 in 2001) of residents from throughout the San Ramon Valley come to downtown Danville to enjoy the bands, floats and excitement of the huge event. For more information about the Kiwanis Club of the San Ramon Valley annual parade visit their website at:

For more information about Museum of the San Ramon Valley’s display: ”Mount Diablo: Surveys & Celebrations”, visit the MDSHS past event page here:

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4th_July_2001_Danville_IMAG06.JPG (35,784 bytes)
A local Cub Scout pack marched the two banners along the route in front of the surveyors.

4th_July_2001_Danville_IMAG07.JPG (36,380 bytes)
The MDSHS Surveyors: Duncan Marshall (left) and Bruce Hedquist (right)

4th_July_2001_Danville_IMAG04.JPG (35,282 bytes)
The parade begins, lets go!

This event was coordinated by Beverly Lane of the Museum of the San Ramon Valley, Danville, CA and Michael J. Foley along with Duncan Marshall and Bruce Hedquist of the Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society (MDSHS). Photographs by Michael J. Foley, ©2001 MDSHS. All rights reserved.

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