The Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society

National Surveyors Week, 2011

Sponsered by the

Santa Clara County Surveyor's Office

County of Santa Clara Development Services Office Building

70 West Hedding Street, San Jose, CA

March 20-26, 2011

"National Surveyors Week" is celebrated annually during the third week of March. This period was established by the 110th U.S. Congress, 2nd session on September 24, 2008 by the passage of Concurrent Resolution H. CON. RES. 223. In so doing, the Congress called upon the people of the United States to observe, celebrate, and "pay tribute to professional land surveyors for their contribution to society". They also invited the citizenry to"look back at the historic contributions of surveying and look ahead to the new technologies which are constantly modernizing this honored and learned profession."

To down load the full resolution in pdf format, click here: H. CON. RES. 223

This display was set up in support of National Surveyors Week as a joint venture with the Santa Clara County Surveyor, Gwen Gee and the Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society. MDSHS supplied all (99%) of the articles. Angie Schultz (SSCo. Surveyor's office) obtained the use of the display case. There are two buildings at this location, designated as "West Wing" & "East Wing". The display was in the enclosed connection between the two buildings. The County Surveyor's office is in the West Wing.

To learn more about the Santa Clara County Surveyor's office visit their web page here:

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Photo #1
DSCN4509.JPG (92,773 bytes)
The completed display, open to the public.


Photo #2
DSCN4512.JPG (124,386 bytes)
Top shelf: Surveyors Transits, various maps.
Second shelf: Engineer's & Surveyor's or "Gunter" link chains, steel tape.


Photo #3
DSCN4514.JPG (112,993 bytes)
Third shelf: Historic survey photographs. Bottom shelf: remains of a Bearing tree,
various survey notes, brass and aluminum survey monument disks, Santa Clara County California
Certificate of Commendation recognizing the Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society.


Photo #4
DSCN4515.JPG (127,977 bytes)
Surveyor's "transits"


Photo #5
DSCN4516.JPG (119,245 bytes)
Surveyor's "transit" with "solar attachment"


Photo #6
DSCN4517.JPG (119,050 bytes)
Surveyors Compass, "Chaining Pins" (set of 11 used for counting "chains" when measuring distances).
Engineer's (l) and Surveyor's (r) "link chains". Engineers Chain is 100 feet long divided into 100 "links"
of 12-inches each. Surveyors chain is 66 feet long divided into 100 "links" of 7.92-inches each.
Surveyors or "Gunter" chain used for early land surveys vs engineers chain used for construction
of improvements and railroad surveys.


Setting up the display.

There are two buildings at this location, designated as "West Wing" & "East Wing".
The display was in the enclosed connection between the two buildings.

Photo #7
DSCN4505.JPG (107,104 bytes)
Gwen and Angie work hard to finish the display, they are already drawing a crowd!


Photo #8
DSCN4506.JPG (116,686 bytes)
Gwen and Angie (back to camera) get to it!


Photo #9
DSCN4510.JPG (90,999 bytes)
Don Marcott (former County Surveyor) and Gwen Gee (current County Surveyor)
pose in front of the completed display.
Good job Don and Gwen (and Angie)!


This display was mounted by Angie Schultz, SCCo. County Surveyor's office, Gwen Gee, SCCo. County Surveyor (and MDSHS member) and Martin "Don" Marcott (retired SCCo. County Surveyor) of the Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society.
Photographs by Don Marcott, ©2011 MDSHS. All rights reserved.

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