General Land Office (GLO) Township Plats Around
The Mount Diablo Initial Point,
Contra Costa County, California
For The Years: 1867, 1869, 1873 & 1875.

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T1NR1W_thumb.jpg (44 kbytes)  T1NR1E_thumb.jpg (61 kbytes)

                  T1N.R1W. MDM                              T1N.R1E.MDM

                                    Approved:July 27, 1875                                               Approved:June 12, 1867

T1SR1W_thumb.jpg (80 kbytes)  T1SR1E_thumb.jpg (61 kbytes)

T1S.R1W. MDM                                 T1S.R1E.MDM

                                  Approved:April 15, 1869                                                  Approved:October 10, 1873

Read as Township 1 North or South and Range 1 East or West, Mount Diablo Meridian.

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