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The Fisher Family


Henry B. Fisher  (Photo) More                                    Raymond W. Fisher (Photo1) (Photo2)                     

CA Licensed Land Surveyor (PLS 188)            CA Registered Civil Engineer  (RCE 483)       

CA Registered Civil Engineer  (RCE 546)        Born:  1892. Died: 1976                                        

Born: September 17, 1866. Died: 1931.


John Kevin Fisher (Photo)
CA Licensed Land Surveyor (PLS 3531)

Born:  December 13, 1920. Died September 4, 1996

The Fisher family holds a special place in California surveying history; especially in Santa Clara County. In 1993 the County Board of Supervisors recognized the Fisher family for providing surveying series in the county for over one hundred years.

What follows is a transcript of the ”Resolution of Commendation” issued to the Fisher Family. An image of the resolution may be viewed here. (Photo) A photo of the Fisher family with the commendation in front of a map of Santa Clara County may be viewed here. (Photo)

Resolution of Commendation

WHEREAS, The Fishery family began providing surveying services in Santa Clara County one hundred years ago when Henry Fisher began his successful career as a surveyor. He was the surveyor for the City of Santa Clara; and

WHEREAS, Raymond Fisher followed in his father’s footsteps and began his career in the field of surveying. Kevin Fisher was inspired by both his father and grandfather and has pursued a surveying career; and

WHEREAS, The Fisher Family donated their surveying field books and old maps dating back to the late 1800’s, providing a vital link to the historical preservation of surveying information for the County of Santa Clara.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Clara does hereby commend and thank


T H E  F I S H E R  F A M I L Y


for providing one hundred years of continuous surveying services to the citizens of Santa Clara County.

PASSED AND ADOPTED, this eighteenth day of May Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-three by unanimous vote.


Ron Gonzales, Chairperson
Board of Supervisors


Michael Honda

Supervisor, District 1


Zoe Lofgren

Supervisor, District 2


Rod Diridon

Supervisor, District 4


Dianne McKenna

Supervisor, District 5


ATTEST: Phyllis Perez

Clerk, Board of Supervisors




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