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2010 California State University, Fresno

49th Annual Geomatics Engineering Conference

January 28th-30th, 2010

Held in the Clovis Memorial District in the heart of Old Town Clovis
Rex Phebus Veteran's Memorial Building
453 Hughes Avenue, Clovis, CA 93612
(559) 299-0471

For additional information about the conference, visit The CSUF website:

Mount Diablo Surveyors Historical Society members that participated in this years event were
Keith Knofield, Brian Spore, Hal Davis, Don Marcott, Michael Foley and special thanks to Tim Mack for manning the booth

CSUF-2010-Image063 (1).jpg (x bytes))

MDSHS member Tim Mack, PLS, your host.

This year's display theme was "Monuments"

CSUF-2010-Image063 (3).jpg (x bytes))    CSUF-2010-Image063 (4).jpg (x bytes))

CSUF-2010-Image063 (9).jpg (x bytes))    CSUF-2010-Image063 (8.jpg (x bytes))

The origional Mount Diablo Survey Marks plaque casting reverse mold form.

CSUF-2010-Image063 (7).jpg (x bytes))
Click here to read what the plaque says

CSUF-2010-Image063 (10).jpg (x bytes))
CSUF-2010-Image063 (11).jpg (x bytes))
CSUF-2010-Image063 (12).jpg (x bytes))
CSUF-2010-Image063 (13).jpg (x bytes))
CSUF-2010-Image063 (14).jpg (x bytes))     CSUF-2010-Image063 (15).jpg (x bytes))

More of the display....

MDSHS photo albums..

CSUF-2010-Image063 (5).jpg (x bytes))

Township Plat 1 South, Range 1 West, MDM (Visit our Maps page for a closer view)
CSUF-2010-Image063 (6).jpg (x bytes))

Plus a few old photographs and instrumuntes from Tim's personal collection

CSUF-2010-Image063 (16).jpg (x bytes))
CSUF-2010-Image063 (17).jpg (x bytes))
CSUF-2010-Image063 (19).jpg (x bytes))    CSUF-2010-Image063 (21).jpg (x bytes))

CSUF-2010-Image063 (18).jpg (x bytes))     CSUF-2010-Image063 (20).jpg (x bytes))

Also as a part of the display, our 2010 raffle prize, a Schonstedt metal locator valued at $1041.00. Donated by the Schonstedt Instrument Conpany. Tim did a swell job of selling over $300 worth of tickets, way to go Tim! (for more information about the raffle and to see who was the winner, visit our Raffle winner page)

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Photo's by MDSHS member Michael J. Foley
© 2010 MDSHS

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